Investor Programs

Investor Programs

Smartest Loan Process!!

Saves You Money by Minimizing Cash Outlay

  • 100% Rehab Loans (70% ARV)
  • 75% Conventional Immediate Refi
  • 80% Purchases with Great Rates
  • 30yr Commercial Loan NO DTI Requirement
  • {***Immediate Cash Out***}
  • 80% Blanket Loans
  • Up to 80% Commercial and Apartment Loans

Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.

After countless hours on the phone with banks, individuals, mortgage companies, hedge funds etc…

We have put together the most extensive choice of investor loan programs.

Our knowledge also allows us to close loans faster.

The faster you close the more money you save on each transaction. Quite often we educate underwriters during the loan process which allows us to close loans other companies cannot.

Blake Yarborough, president of Capital Concepts Inc. had to seek out programs for his rental portfolio of over 100 properties. In sourcing these financing programs for his own personal use he now has the same loans available to the public.

We have Dallas and Houston offices which cover the state of TX and we also have commercial nationwide.

The Best Source For Financing Investment Properties

“We found the secret to getting banks to open the door and dump money in your pocket.”