Refinancing Loan Programs

  • Flex Term
    • Customize your perfect mortgage
    • Select your own amortization term
    • Available on loans such as Conventional, Pay Advantage, and more
  • Pay Advantage
    • The Pay Advantage loan was created to give the lowest payment with the least amount of money down to purchase a home. We can go up to 95% loan-to-value (LTV) with no additional monthly payment like conventional loans over 80% LTV that have private mortgage insurance. In addition, some people with lower credit scores may not quality for a loan with private mortgage insurance (PMI).


Zach F

Sean and Susan helped me pull off a closing in timely manner that I did not think was going to happen under my time constraints. An appraiser came in super low. Sean and the team were able to work with the appraiser to show that comparable were incorrect and the value increased. The deal was done and we literally got calls the day after to lease purchase the property for higher than the corrected appraisal. We don’t plan on selling yet but was a nice validation.

Zach F

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