Refinancing Loan Programs

  • Flex Term
    • Customize your perfect mortgage
    • Select your own amortization term
    • Available on loans such as Conventional, Pay Advantage, and more
  • Pay Advantage
    • The Pay Advantage loan was created to give the lowest payment with the least amount of money down to purchase a home. We can go up to 95% loan-to-value (LTV) with no additional monthly payment like conventional loans over 80% LTV that have private mortgage insurance. In addition, some people with lower credit scores may not quality for a loan with private mortgage insurance (PMI).


Ralph J

Financing your first property is scary and daunting. I listened to all the lenders at the [Lifestyles Unlimited] Case Studies more than once. Cary Donham from Capital Concepts stopped me in the hall just to say “hi”. This was the start of a productive partnership for my Hard Money and Conventional lending. Cary and staff are a “boutique” shop. That is, they provide immediate and personalized service. Everyone in the Capital Concepts office has been helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive. This is what I, a novice investor, need most. I fully endorse their services and highly recommend them.

Ralph J

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