Property Type

1-4 Family

Loan Type

Purchase & Rehab

Loan Amounts

Minimum: $50,000
Maximum: $1,000,00


Interest Only





(After Repaired Value)

Up to 75% of after repaired value




6 month – extensions allowed for a fee

It depends on the ARV After Repaired Value, the Sales Price, and the repairs, we can finance 100% of purchase price + repairs not to exceed 75% of ARV.

No, you can pay it off anytime within the 6 mo term and we allow for 2 three month extensions for a fee if needed.

We typically close within 7-10 days but can close faster if needed.

Yes, we order a appraisal on all loans and provide the appraiser with a detailed list of your repairs you plan to do so he can come up with a “subject to” or also known as an “after repaired value”.

I loved how everyone was very engaging and I met a lot of great people!!!! This was my 1st event and the food was great the company was even better!!! I can’t wait to be part of the next one.
Tamekio F

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