Property Type

1-4 Family

Loan Type

Purchase, Refinance, Cash-out, Delayed Financing

Loan Amounts

Minimum: $50,000
Maximum: $1,200,00


15, 20, & 30 yr Fixed



Loan Program


(After Repaired Value)

Up to 80% LTV for Investment Properties




15, 20 & 30 yr Fixed / 5-7 yr ARM’s

That depends on your debt-to-income ratio, on a refinance we may be able to close without it currently rented but you would have to get with your loan officer to determine that possibility. It never has to be currently rented on a purchase.

Yes, there are no restrictions on the use of the funds received from a Cash-out loan.

Yes, that is referred to as Delay Financing Option, within 6 months of the date of purchase you can cash-out up to the documented amount you paid for the home, not to exceed 75% of the value.

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Tamekio F

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