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The Best Money Lender in Dallas & Houston, TX!

Capital Concepts is your preferred private money lender in Houston, TX. We provide the best real estate investing options in Houston and Dallas, TX. Our smart lending solutions including investing options and private lending allow our clients to create sustainable investments that give profits in the long term.

Real Estate Investing in Houston, TX

If you’re thinking about making sustainable investment in the real estate market, Capital Concepts can help you create these through feasible options. Our team of experts works together with each client to understand his or her needs and investment goals to get the best outcome. We provide financing for remodeling a home for resale, refinancing for long term investment, and for other sustainable investment purposes. We aim to provide each and every client with the best tailored real estate investing in Houston, TX.

Hard Money Loans in Houston, Texas

Capital Concepts provides hard money loans in Houston, TX. Whether you want to buy a new property, remodel your home for resale, get some financing for investment, our team of experts can design a tailor made option for you that will match your needs and help you achieve your long and short term goals in time.

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Tom S

Closing was “no big deal” yesterday.  It would be easy for me to just smile and move on, but your efforts to make this happen are deserving of the time it takes to offer a huge THANKS!!!!!!  I so appreciate your hard work and extra efforts to work through the frustrating details of our most recent loan.  You ALWAYS go above and beyond, and I am so appreciative! I could not be more satisfied as a customer, and look forward to involving your team in making the next one happen as soon as possible.


Tom S
Lam N


Lam N
Deborah J

I got some new information that will be helpful.

Deborah J
Pete W

I was able to meet and network (with) several real estate prospects.

Pete W
Jaime D

It was a great opportunity to meet other investors. Some of the more experienced Investors really make a newbie feel like part of the “investor gang” by giving them knowledge about investing as well as personal experiences.

Jaime D


Good rule of thumb is 20% of the purchase price plus 6 months of mortgage payments for the subject property to include principal, interest, taxes, insurance, and HOA.

They look for equity capture, which is when you buy an asset for less than it’s worth. Also, net month profit is a factor which is the after-tax profits and mortgage cost are subtracted.

The Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio is the ratio of the mortgage lien as a percentage to the total appraised value of the property. The mortgage lien is the security from the lender to support the loan for the purchase of real estate, and the appraised value is an evaluation of an investment property’s value based on comparable sales and the property as an entity.

It is the value of the property subject to all the disclosed repairs being done. This value is the “fixed-up” value and typically includes the investment properties cosmetic work and repairs.

A Hard Money loan is a short term financing loan tool used to leverage your out of pocket in an investment property transaction. This type of loan allows you to purchase, rehab, and either flip for a profit or hold the property for rental income.

The typical credit score for a Hard Money is 650, however there are some exceptions if you plan to “Flip” or resale the property.

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